Corey Releases “Halfway Home”

June 29, 2018

Georgia-based singer/songwriter Corey Smith shows off his sentimental side with the release of his new song “Halfway Home” from his unfolding project, the Great Wide Underground. On the heels of his middle-finger-waving single, “Empty Rooms,” “Halfway Home” makes a 180 degree turn and dives into the struggle of being a full time touring artist, husband, and father of two. With touching lyrics and a production that sounds like a Sunday drive, “Halfway Home” is now available at

This might seem like my choice to you
But leaving’s something that your dad has gotta do
And it’s nothing we can’t make it through

“In my experience, I’ve found that the most meaningful songs are usually the easiest ones to write,” says Smith. “They reveal themselves quickly, as if the words are there waiting to be given voice. Creating them feels more like remembering than inventing and their completion comes with a powerful sense of euphoria, as if a weight has been lifted. That’s how “Halfway Home” was. It was the easiest song I’ve written in a long time and, not coincidentally, it’s a song that will mean a great deal to me and my family for years to come. Now that it’s out in the world, I sincerely hope others find meaning in it as well.”

Listen now:

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