Corey Releases New Song “Honky Tonkin’ In My Blood”

November 16, 2018

Georgia-based, singer/songwriter Corey Smith, known for his independent attitude and lyrical honesty (“Let Me Love You On a Back Road” and “I Love Everyone”), dives deep into his own psyche with the release of “Honky Tonkin’ in My Blood.” Out today, this third track from his forthcoming Great Wide Underground project reflects on how his relationship with his father helped to shape his Honky Tonkin’ nature.

Fans can listen to the track now at and also watch the music video that premiered today here:

“Most folks in my world know what ‘honky tonkin’’ means”, says Smith. “If you have to explain it too much, you’re obviously talking to someone who doesn’t understand country music. The word conjures up images of hardwood dance floors, cowboy apparel, neon beer signs, pool tables, mechanical bulls and bar stools. It also makes us think of the styles of music heard in such places. I think of Willie, Waylon, Skynyrd, David Alan Coe and Delbert McClinton. But ‘honky tonkin’’ is more than the sum of its parts. It’s kind of a way of life. It’s about bucking convention, taking chances, letting loose and being a little reckless at times. It’s certainly not for everyone, but for those of us born with a wild streak, it’s an important aspect of our live.”

Like an answer to a question, “Honky Tonkin’ in My Blood” examines a life of sneaking into taverns and listening to living room jam sessions and considers how both experiences and genetics can mold not only a person’s life but the music s/he creates.

Corey wrote, produced, and mixed all music from the Great Wide Underground. Written on the road and then tracked with his touring band at Lee Davis Studio in Maysville, GA, the project celebrates the raw authenticity that has become a trademark of Smith’s music. For more information about the Great Wide Underground in Corey’s own words, check out this

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